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The Best Team to Market and Sell Your Development!

My House oversees condominium and new home developments from concept to closing. Founded in 2000, we have successfully marketed more than 12 new construction and conversion developments ranging from luxury high rise to garden style homes.

My House has expanded it’s abilities to market throughout the West, Southeast, Nevada and Montana to deliver the best on site training, systems, support and cooperative agent participation for you. We have the knowledge, depth of experience and skills necessary to motivate the most diverse buyers. We are a team of professionals who not only understand but have a passion for selling multi-family housing. This diverse group can help conceptualize the product, develop the most effective marketing plan, offer an expert sales team and support staff and have the vision to maximize your investment. We know how to make sales happen. Our team makes every project a personal endeavor so that your success is our success. We are leading the way.

Our unique team approach to the sales and marketing process is evident through our comprehensive scope of services – the building blocks to your success. As your team we will:

Make property recommendations
Develop appropriate pricing strategy
Provide an in-depth sales and marketing plan and comprehensive budget
Identify the target market and a unique selling proposition
Oversee the creative process and execution of the marketing plan
Consult with your legal counsel to prepare condominium documents
Assist in the selection of preferred lenders offer United Mutual Lending as in house if applicable
Hand select the sales team and train them specific to the site
Oversee the opening of the sales center and make recommendations for decorated sales models
Institute an inventory-control procedure
Recommend proven software
Analyze and monitor all sales on a weekly basis
Actively pursue the support of My House Real Estate Associates
Support you by the best known and trusted real estate brand with international recognition
Exposure unparallel to any firm out there, through our television show and radio show

Currently our honored developer partner is Sunvest Resorts LLC in which we are operating in an outside brokerage capacity.

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