Traveling by buses and public mode of transport is good enough for commuting to workplace and back. When it comes to other purposes and spending weekends with family or moving around in emergency situations it is always makes better sense to have own cars. It is therefore not surprising to see many homes having more than one car per house even no credit check apartments if you can believe it. However when it comes to special occasions like travels and tours, weddings, corporate events and other such occasions it always makes better sense to opt for luxury or rental cars. They have their own advantages and benefits and it would be ideal to have a look at them over the next few lines. Combining Comfort With Luxury One of the main reasons why many people opt for a luxury or exotic car rental services is because of the simple fact that they offer the best of luxury combined with comfort. There is nothing more satisfying and fulfilling than travelling long distances in these wonderful machines. A holiday that has been spent in luxury car travel will be remembered for a long period of time. It will also be a wonderful gift to the children from parents. Fatigue and tiredness often are problems associated with long distance travelling in ordinary cars, buses and trains. However when you travel in the best of Mercedes Benz or BMWs you can be sure that you will reach the destination fresh and your body ad muscles will not ache. You can therefore enjoy your holidays much better when compared to travelling by other modes of transport. Speed And Safety Another major reason why it makes sense to travel in luxury cars is because it offers a wonderful combination of safety and speed. These cars can zoom to at least 120 to 140 miles per hour and sitting inside you will not feel the jerk or forward movement. This is because of the quality of make of these cars with the best of suspensions, wheels and transmission systems. They also come with some of the most modern and sophisticated safety features including highly dependable and reliable airbags. They also have advanced braking systems and early warning systems which can avoid accidents in most of the cases. Prestige And Social Status   Each one of us have a deep desire to be socially recognized and be counted as someone special and unique. Towards this objective there is no doubt that going in for a hired luxury or exotic car would make a big difference. It will help us to become highly noticed as we move around in these luxurious vehicles. It will certainly enhance our prestige and status among friends, relatives, neighbors and colleagues. Hence when all the above factors are taken into account there are many reasons why thousands of customers are ready to spend big money in hiring these luxury cars. Though they might hurt the pocket a bit, the value for money which they offer more than compensates the high pricing which is associated when it comes to hiring these cars.

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