The common misconceptions about reverse mortgage

In the previous article we discussed the first 4 myths that the California population face and the American population as a whole about the California reverse mortgage.  Of course the myths are in everyone’s head but they often keep us behind the real solutions to most of our problems. That is why they should be cleared first handedly.

5th Myth: Is the reverse mortgage industry for poor people only or do rich qualify for it also?

Yes most of the seniors across California and America qualify for California reverse mortgage loan. But most of them do it only for making money rather than thinking of reverse mortgage as a solution to getting out of property taxes and debt. Whereas some also take it as a future investment for upcoming expenses.

6th Myth: Will I be on debit during the reverse mortgage contract?

It won’t be wrong to say that a house is mostly a dead apartment that cannot be used to make any money until you set it up for a mortgage. This way via using reverse mortgage you can easily get a cash that is tax free from your equity. This way you can easily make the maximum amount out of your home and leave it in the end for other plans.

7th Myth: If in case the loan becomes due will the lender sell my house in return for the loan?common misconceptions about reverse

This is the most common question of concern but ultimately its answer is easily evident for most of the senior citizens. This misconception is wrong as the loan only gets due for the time period you are not living in your apartment. But for some people this only happens after their death. This way the loan shifts to your heirs after your death and they can sell their assets to pay for the loan that you took. The best solution is that they can also sell the house to pay for the reverse mortgage loan. After your clarification of all the possible misconceptions and myths the three different types of California reverse mortgage loans are available for you to choose from and live a life of calm.

How to proceed with reverse mortgage

So now since you have had all your doubts cleared and are ready to proceed with the California reverse mortgage loans, you need to read out all the procedures  so that you do not miss out on any step and get into trouble. These steps will simplify the whole reverse mortgage application procedure for you. But be careful to consult the federal agency for this option first. Sometimes there are other government loans for which you become ineligible after choosing reverse mortgage.  

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