For those home owners who are 62 years old or more, there is a way to stay in your home and do away with those pesky monthly mortgage payments. Reverse mortgages in Orange County, CA are currently available to help you do just that. With the first reverse mortgage being given in 1961, they have slowly become increasingly popular as the populace ages. It’s very straightforward. If you have equity in your home, meaning you owe less than it is worth or, on the off chance that you own your home without a worry in the world, then you might qualify for a reverse mortgage in Orange County. Reverse mortgages, commonly referred to as graduated house buyback, take that value and pay it out to the borrower until you leave. That means that once you’ve sold the property, or pass away, the loan matures and payments are then made back to the lender. If you are looking for the freedom of not having that monthly mortgage payment, a reverse mortgage may be for you. Before deciding, though, be sure to do your homework and ensure you are making the right choices.

What sorts of Reverse Mortgages in Orange County, CA are available?

There are essentially two distinctive variations of reverse mortgages. It will become apparent why one is more common than the other:
Orange County Reverse Mortgage Factors to Consider

Orange County Reverse Mortgage Factors to Consider

Home Equity Conversion Mortgage

Basically, the Home Equity Conversion Mortgage, otherwise called HECM, is issued by a loaning organization, however is insured through the government by means of the FHA (Federal Housing Authority). Being governmentally insured acknowledges that it protects you, the borrow, on the off chance that the moneylender couldn’t make payment or that the loan balance at time of buyback exceed the value of the property. This makes them the most widely recognized kind of Reverse Mortgage in Orange County, California. Nonetheless, HECMs do have requirements that must be met. One of the main requirements is that the home owner undergo a counseling session prior to completing the reverse mortgage.

Proprietary Reverse Mortgage

Proprietary Reverse mortgages may not be the more popular of the choice currently, due to market fluctuations, but once the economy, and home values, even out, we will see in influx of these types of reverse mortgages. Perhaps the main reason why Proprietary Reverse mortgages are not as well known as HECMs is because they are privately Accordingly, they are not subject to the same tenets as HECMs. Likewise, and maybe the best contrast between the two, is that this sort of graduated home buyback is normally just offered to homes worth more than $750,000. This is far above the average home’s value that is offered a reverse mortgage.

How do I know if I qualify for a reverse mortgage in Orange County, CA?

No doubt, you will want to investigate every piece of information possible concerning the reverse mortgages before you follow through. While each company differs in that they like to see, below are a few of the common guidelines:
  • Income status-The company you decide on for your reverse mortgage will want to ensure that you are able to fulfill the responsibilities to pay the needed taxes and fees, as well as the home insurance. To determine this, they well want to see your income proof, as well as bank statements.
  • Property Valuation-What may be the greatest deciding factor of if you qualify is the value of your property. Your lender will not only have it appraised for its current value, but will estimate what is will be worth come time for the buyback.
  • Age-Your age is the primary necessity to qualify. Each individual recorded on the deed must be 62 years of age or higher. There are no exemptions to this.

What are the requirements for me to qualify for a reverse mortgage in Orange County, CA?

Unfortunately, just being a home owner does not qualify you for a reverse mortgage. Again, each lending company will be different, but below is a general guideline:
  • Every person that is listed on the deed must be 62 years of age or higher.
  • If you are currently paying on a traditional mortgage, you must use the money you receive from your lender to pay it off, causing the reverse mortgage lender to show as the primary lien on the property.
  • It is required for you to live in your home for the duration of the loan. A rental property nor a vacation home qualifies.
  • You must still pay all applicable taxes and insurance.
  • The home owner retains possession, which also implies they remain responsible for any repairs that may come up.

What amount can I hope to get from a reverse Mortgage in Orange County, CA?

As a general rule, reverse mortgage companies will usually allow you to receive the full value of your home. Bear in mind, the older you are, the more you stand to get from a reverse mortgage. The reason for that is because that means there is less time for the company to hold the loan.

When can I expect to have the money available?

When you get the money will be greatly determined by how you decide to receive it. There are a few ways you can get the payout from your reverse mortgage in Orange County, CA.  Though the options available are solely up to the lender, there are a few standard options you can expect to see:
  • Tenure installments-The payout method is perhaps the most common. With a term installment payout, you receive a monthly payment for as long as you live in the home. This means that, regardless of how high the loan balance goes, you still get payments until you either die or sale the home.
  • Term Payments-Similar to the installment, this option allows you to receive a montly payment. However, it differs in that they are usually set up for a designated amount of time. For example, if you wish to wait a few years before going on social security, you can set this up to pay you during the time you are waiting.
  • Line of Credit-This is the same concept of having a line of credit from your bank. This option allows you to withdraw on an as-needed basis. That means you can have the coverage for any unexpected health issues that may arise.
Let you lender help you in choosing the best option for you. They may even offer variations that are a mix of the above types. You have the final say in how you get your money. It is your money, after all. Remember, for the first 12 months, you may be limited on how much you are able to withdraw. The normal rate is 60%, though your lender may choose a different percentage. Also, if you owe more on your house, your lender can decide to give you that extra to clear up your traditional mortgage. After the 12 months is over, you can take out however much you need.

What can I expect to pay?

The best thing about getting a reverse mortgage in Orange County is that there is little, to no, upfront cost to the home owner. Most of your fees and interested are added on to your loan balance. With regards to insurance protection and interest, this is absolutely up to the loan specialist. In the event that your advance is safeguarded through the FHA, the charge is typically 1.25% of the total loan amount, paid every year. This can perhaps cause you to owe more than your home is worth, once the loan matures. Don’t let that worry you. If you are insured, you only have to pay what your home is valued at.  The insurer will eat the rest of it. The goal is for you to be just as informed as you were the day you bought your home. Remember how you searched and searched until you found the perfect him? You want to be just a prudent in searching for a reverse mortgage in Orange County, California. Don’t settle for the first one that comes along. There’s no harm in shopping around. Let’s face it. With the exception of making the final arrangements for your passing, this could be the most important decision you will make in you retired life. You don’t want to make the decision lightly, nor do you want to make it alone. Be sure to involve those around you. You children and loved ones should be informed about the decisions you are making. Take the time to sit down and explain what you have found with them before deciding on anything. Allow them the chance to ask questions and to come to terms with your choices. In the end, they will be the ones deciding how to proceed. This could be the beginning of the financial freedom you dreamed of during retirement. Really, who wants to worry about paying a mortgage after they retire. You’d much rather live your life to the fullest. Find a reverse mortgage in Orange County, CA today.

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