How I Can Sold My Oklahoma House — Fast If you live in Oklahoma, you might feel like it is impossible to get an offer on your home. After all, the real estate market here isn’t exactly thriving. However, I managed to sell my Oklahoma house in a record amount of time. As a matter of fact, people are often amazed when I tell them how quickly my home sold. I wasn’t able to sell my home because I had good luck; I got offers because I had the right strategy. If you want to get your home sold quickly, you should try out some of the tricks that I used. I Hired A Realtor At first, I wanted to handle the sale of my home on my own. I was trying to save as much money as I could, and I assumed that I wouldn’t be able to afford to work with a realtor. However, I learned that I wouldn’t need to pay the real estate agent anything up front. The only thing that I would have to do was give them a commission after my house sold. I also took a closer look at the data around realtors. I learned that realtors are usually able to secure a higher selling price for a home. In the end, working with a realtor didn’t wind up costing me anything at all. I Listed My Home On Every Online Site I wanted to make sure that every prospective buyer in the area could see that my house was for sale. If someone was shopping for a home in this area, I wanted them to consider my home. I worked with my realtor to get my house listed on every major online site. These efforts definitely paid off; I had people showing interest in my home within the first day. I Worked With A Photographer I’ve looked at a lot of home listings, which taught me that quality photos can make a big difference. My realtor helped to connect me with a photographer. They snapped beautiful shots of every room in my home. I included all of those photos in my online listings. I think the pictures are a big part of why I saw so much interest so quickly. People didn’t feel like they were taking a chance when they called to ask about the house. They knew exactly what they were going to be getting. I Didn’t Just Sell The Home; I Sold The Neighborhood When I put together my listing, I didn’t just share information about the house itself. I also shared information about the neighborhood. My old neighborhood had a lot going for it. It was a few steps away from restaurants, and there were parks in the area. When a person is buying a house, they need to think about more than the size of the home or the house’s layout. They need to think about the area that they are going to be living in. When I told people about the neighborhood, they could see why this area was so appealing. I Made A Few Upgrades When I was selling my home, I didn’t have a lot of extra money on hand. I knew I couldn’t sink a lot of cash into renovations and upgrades. However, after talking to some friends and my realtor, I learned that there plenty of things I could do to make my home look better. The first thing I did was fix up my lawn. I gave it a fresh mowing and put in some flowers. I also put up a new mailbox. Inside, I repainted and replaced my old cabinet hardware. This little touches really did make a difference. I Set The Right Price If I hadn’t worked with a realtor, I wouldn’t have known how to price my home. I probably would have had an appraisal done and picked my home from there. However, my realtor helped me to set a very competitive price for my home. I wound up getting multiple bids, and the one that I accepted was actually over my asking price. I learned that pricing your home appropriately can really make a huge difference. I Sold At The Right Time While homes are sold during every month of the year, buyers are more likely to look at home during certain seasons. After doing a little bit of research, I learned that spring was the most popular season for home sales. I started working to get my home ready for sale during the winter, and had it completely ready to list by March. I’ve only sold a home during the spring, but I can say that there were plenty of interested buyers. I felt like listing in early spring was definitely the right choice for me and my home. I Cleaned Out My Closets My home had a lot of closet space, and I definitely wanted to highlight that. I cleaned out all of my closets, putting most of the items that were in them into storage. I knew that the extra storage space could help to sell my home. In addition, I knew that buyers were going to be inspecting my closets. I wanted to make sure that they liked what they saw. I Made Lighting A Top Priority Nothing looks that impressive in the dark. I wanted to show my home off, so I made lighting one of my top priorities. My home didn’t have a lot of natural lighting, so I tried to maximize the lighting I did have. Hanging a few mirrors really helped with this. I also added some new lamps and light fixtures. When everything was finished, there was plenty of light in my home. Buyers wouldn’t have to try to make out a dark, shadowy room. When you’re selling a home, you can’t just think about the price tag. You really have to put yourself in the shoes of the buyer. The more buyers like your home, the more offers that you will get. When your home is amazing, getting offers is a breeze.

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