Where To Start If I Need To Sell My Home Fast In Wisconsin In the world of real estate, there are a number of reasons why a person would need to sell their home quickly. If you’ve made an offer on a new home, but can’t afford to make double payments and need the proceeds of your old home for the down payment, then you need a fast sale. Similarly, if you’re behind on your mortgage and about to be repossessed, the sooner you get a sale the more money you’ll realize in the end. There are a lot of different things a person can do if they need to sell their home fast in Wisconsin or any other state. Let’s take a look at some things you can do to your home, and methods you can use when a quick sale is imperative. Take The Time To Clean Up The Inside And Outside Of Your Home There is nothing worse than trying to sell a home that’s just plain dirty. If nothing else you should scrub and clean the inside of your home from top to bottom, leaving no stone unturned. That means the windows, under the kitchen sink and behind the refrigerator as well. You should also make sure areas such as the garage, basement, closets and attic are all spotless. This should be obvious, but when you show a home to prospective buyers that’s dirty, they’re automatically thinking about offering a much lower price because you appear desperate. The yard is also very important and should be trimmed nicely, including the grass, shrubs, and trees for easy access to all parts of the yard. If you have some extra money, you should invest in some bark dust or other wood chips to add curb appeal. A long weekend with a helper cleaning both the inside and outside of the home can add $5,000 to $10,000 to the value, especially if it had become overgrown and dirty. Paint The Entire Home, If Possible If you have the money for the paint, and the weather permits, you can help your home sell fast in Wisconsin by painting it completely inside and out. Paint isn’t very expensive, and if you stick to basic colors that are on sale, you can usually get enough paint for around $100-$200 to paint the exterior. Rent a powerwasher to clean and blast the exterior from top to bottom. Then while the siding is drying take a paint scraper around and remove any other loose paint you can find. Buy one can of primer and touch up all of the bare wood or cracked paint by hand. Then use rollers with handles to paint the entire home from the ground if possible. Climbing and moving ladders can triple the amount of time it takes for a paint job, so keep that in mind. If you have time left on your rental of the powerwasher use it to clean the sidewalks, driveways and patios around the home for a nice clean look, you’ll be amazed at the difference. Stand Back And Take A Look At Your Home, Do You Really Need To Sell? Sometimes the reason that you feel that you need to sell is that you don’t want the hassle of having two homes to care for, but now that you have it all cleaned up and painted, is there a way you can keep it? Only you can decide, but rentals are in demand in nearly every city, you can offer a discount for quick move in while you finish cleaning and painting. Some renters will even do some of the work in return for rent, so keep that in mind too. At any rate, a home that is spotless from top to bottom, painted inside and out, with the yard trimmed back and new bark dust applied is in a far better position to be sold quickly than before. If You’re Behind On Your Mortgage, Can You Change And Save Your Home? Sometimes people get into a rut and they feel hopeless to escape, but if they just sit down and take a quick reading of their life, can they make the changes necessary to keep their home? Only they can answer that question for themselves, but sometimes they really could swallow their pride and take a job washing dishes, pumping gas or making pizza for a few months until something else comes along. It can at least keep you afloat while you sell your house fast and keep some of your equity so you don’t end up owing more money because of the repossession fees, lawyers fees and real estate commissions that will all be extra high in a foreclosure. Besides, it’s always possible that you’ll get promoted at the pizza parlor and end up being a manager, making more money than you did in the past. If you can rent a bedroom out, you might be able to make your mortgage payments and pay utilities while avoiding foreclosure. So, you shouldn’t discount that possibility, it could be a lifesaver. There Are Investors That Pay Quick Cash For Homes In nearly every newspaper or online classified there are investors that advertise that they’ll buy your home for cash in Wisconsin, or some other state. These people are sometimes on the level, but there are also some shady people running those ads. You should take the time to read online reviews to see whether they’ve left happy clients behind or scammed people out of their homes for little cash and lots of problems. Many of these so-called investors have almost no money and they’ll just put some renters in your home until it’s repossessed to make some extra money, which you could have done yourself instead. So, if you’re looking to sell your house fast in Wisconsin you should start by cleaning it up inside and out. Then take an honest assessment of your situation to see if you really have to sell. If so, check online for fast cash home buyers, but take the time to research them to weed out scam artists and con men, which there are plenty of in the marketplace.

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